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   Private rooms Katerina is with 21 beds. It is situated in the centre of Ahtopol, near the post office. It is about 150 m. from the beach.
   The base offers double rooms with a local WC, WC for 2 rooms (for 4 or 5 people) and a big apartment (for 6 or 7 people).
   Each room is with a balcony and a view towards the sea.
   For our guests we offer a big terrace from which you can see all the bay and the sights of the town.

   Ahtopol is the southernmost city on the bulgarian Black sea coast. It is 87 km south from Bourgas. The city is approved to be one of the most ecologically clean cities in Europe. Ahtopol is situated on a picturesque coast, near the slopes of the Strandza Mountain and the crystal cleat waters of the South Black Sea. Here the blend of space and comfort gives you excellent opportunity for your rest. The creek of the Veleka river - one of the most intriguing rivers of Bulgaria - is just 5 km south from the city. The place is known for its unique natural resources, which attracted ecologists from all over the world to explore its rare vegetal and animal lifeforms, typical for the ecologically clean places which stayed untouched by the human till present.
   The legend says how the greek goddess of love Agatha liked so much this sunny peninsula that she made it her favorite place for rest. and named it Agathopolis - City of Love. Historically, Ahtopol's existence can be traced back to the Thracian period.
   As a city Ahtopol is founded near 430 B.C. and there are assumptions that it's foundin is related with the action of Pericle along the Black sea region.
   There are few historical places left after the many devastating fires in Ahtopol. Today you can see the preserved "Vaznesenie Gospodne" church built in 1796 and the remains of the monastery "Saint Yani" from XII century as well as some remains of the fortress walls. Near the peninsula you can find remains of a thracian wall.